Opinion is the Start of all Knowledge.


I find Berlusconi, the enigmatic Italian leader thoroughly entertaining. Lets look at Italian politics from a more holistic point of view, incorporating other so called Democracies.

After what will be regarded as the most broken demonstration of democracy in the world, the grand old USA. Washington gave us all the fright that a Christopher Lee film always intended. At the centre of this embarrassing situation, it was Lead by a miss guided character known as “President”. In theory he was chosen as the peoples representative to make those tough decisions and lead the ship to the promised land “from the front”. Unfortunately he looked more like the owner of an old Austin car, broken down and stranded on the side of the road as the juggernaut of political traffic passed buy at speed. each congressman playing chicken with each other. All the time the president, thumb out hoping to hitch a lift in the most popular direction!

At the other end of the scale is Italian politics. A Private Eye like caricature of democracy Lead by the head clown Berlusconi. Watching his speech yesterday “after the markets had closed” made it clear that if there was poor form this morning in the Italian markets, clearly it would not be down to him. Berlusconi is a prime demonstration of someone who wishes to avoid all blame in his post. Perhaps the 18 year old girls that currently blight his life would think less of him if he did.

So when we question why there is noone to take the helm of the Italian political Big Top tent, it’s because no one wants to where the stupid big shoes and silly costume of its current ring master.


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