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Our Little Euro Troll.

This last week has left me feeling that the showmanship is draining from Capitol hill and into the markets. As one market opens in this part of the world, it spells a days end in another. I am concerned that we are in more knee jerk territory than practical solution. What is becoming clear is that it is almost certain our Italian friends are not going to recover quickly from this. In fact they are not even expected to make there current payments. Spain sounds like it will just about get there this time round but what happens if the interest rates on government bonds go above 6.9%?

The crazy thing about all of this is that the USA, UK Ireland, Greece, Italy, Spain and Germany. Not including all the smaller country’s that have been badly affected are not the ones in real danger.

No, the ones in real danger are Japan! Yes, the country that had vast amounts of it’s industry destroyed not by the pen or the click of a mouse but an act of god. With the missing and dead in the thousands and swaths of people homeless. With parts of this beautiful country covered in radiation. It would be fair to say that they would be in a similar position to Haiti. Well not quite so. The government are being forced to buy bonds and throw in quantitative easing for good measure Purely to try and devalue there currency in order to maintain there ability sell to the outside world without being over priced.

And what is causing this, that’s right, our bankers. Yes, not content with riding the bucking bronco of recent stock action, they have now turned there eye of Sauron to the few remaining currency’s who have managed to stay stable in all this. Unfortunately this also comes across as a safe heaven to the investment markets. For sure, the west’s vindictive little Troll commonly known as the Euro is now going to have an indirect effect on the Japanese economy whether they like it or not..

With the prospects of some sort of resolution regarding the Euro somewhat in the distant horizon, are the western traders in real danger of screwing up an economy that is effectively bouncing on shit.

In a wicked twist of fate. This last couple of hours has seen vast amounts of stocks sold in the US which has, Via some currency mechanism. Caused several of the main currency’s around Asia to fall rapidly against the Dollar including NZ and Aus.

Because of 24 hour trading, have we reached the point where greater restrictions are required to cope with trading across different time zones. In our brave, new, technologically driven trading floor world, would we be able to tolerate this intervention for the long term greater good. We buy and sell stocks and shares with rules and regulations that have been regularly updated but fundamentally working within an ethos from the days of ticker tape. If we were to bring the original Venetian bankers her in a time machine, I wonder what there impression of there invention would be.



I find Berlusconi, the enigmatic Italian leader thoroughly entertaining. Lets look at Italian politics from a more holistic point of view, incorporating other so called Democracies.

After what will be regarded as the most broken demonstration of democracy in the world, the grand old USA. Washington gave us all the fright that a Christopher Lee film always intended. At the centre of this embarrassing situation, it was Lead by a miss guided character known as “President”. In theory he was chosen as the peoples representative to make those tough decisions and lead the ship to the promised land “from the front”. Unfortunately he looked more like the owner of an old Austin car, broken down and stranded on the side of the road as the juggernaut of political traffic passed buy at speed. each congressman playing chicken with each other. All the time the president, thumb out hoping to hitch a lift in the most popular direction!

At the other end of the scale is Italian politics. A Private Eye like caricature of democracy Lead by the head clown Berlusconi. Watching his speech yesterday “after the markets had closed” made it clear that if there was poor form this morning in the Italian markets, clearly it would not be down to him. Berlusconi is a prime demonstration of someone who wishes to avoid all blame in his post. Perhaps the 18 year old girls that currently blight his life would think less of him if he did.

So when we question why there is noone to take the helm of the Italian political Big Top tent, it’s because no one wants to where the stupid big shoes and silly costume of its current ring master.


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Scientific Studies

I’ve just seen a Tweet by Andrew Neil the broadcaster referring to the growing problem of age and how the portion the population that will reach the grand old age of 100 is going to increase exponentially over the next 50 years. The primes of studies released today state that my generation will, if not already due to unemployment, become a greater burden on the public coffers. The point he was making is that we are regularly told that our latest generations are over weight and with obesity on the rise, this generation is the first in recorded history where our children are less healthy than the previous generation and to that out of choice. So what information do we believe?

From my point of view and this is going to sound like a contradiction considering the start of the sentence. The science community is largely sponsorship/funded by the public purse. Surely this constance release of conflicting information and educated points of view would better serve the public as advice if it was released in a more coherent manor.

Ultimately, all we a allowing to happen with the constant release of dubious results, is burden the general public. Primarily with the responsibility of code breaking what is seemingly a diluted amount of conflicting information. The risk is, what has the study that we have all, in some way paid for, genuinely discovered and that scientists across all opinions can agree as fact.

Like most I am just numb to new data about how to lead my life and am forever greatfull that I managed to wake up this morning net alone getting out of bed. Well off the sofa where I fell asleep last night!

Perhaps scientific disclosures should come with a health warning like a packet of cigarettes. “Reading this could cause you to have bad, misplaced opinions”.

First Post

So here it is a test post but is still the first of many posts. I’m still unsure of all the settings I’ve played with but if you can see this then please do not hesitate to let me know so I can at the worst take appropriate action.

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